Ralph Ueltzhoeffer: Documenta X – North Ireland Project

The docutenta X: Exhibition of contemporary art 21. Juni – 28. September 1997

Director (Artistic ) of documenta X: Catherine David
documenta X (Curator): Simon Lamunière

Artwork 37 Title: „North Ireland Project“, by Ralph Ueltzhoeffer and Laura Maria May (1997-1999). Link: documenta X North Ireland Project

documenta X: Ralph Ueltzhoeffer
Artwork/Photography: documenta X, Kassel, Artist: Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, Laura Maria May (Conceptual Art).

Basic Informations about documenta X in Kassel, Germany. In 1997, Catherine David was the first women to be appointed artistic director of a documenta – the last before our transition to the new millennium. This led David to use as a central motif the idea of “looking back into the future”. With this concept in mind, David devoted most attention to those critical artistic positions that evolved at the end of the 1960s and the beginning of the 1970s. For instance, in an explicit reference to documenta 5, Marcel Broodthaers‘ “Section Publicité, Musée d’Art Moderne, Départment des Aigles” was shown again, which had already been on show in Kassel in 1972.

Additional large-scale work complexes by Michelangelo Pistoletto, Brazilian artists Helio Oiticica and Lygia Clark, Dutch architect Aldo van Eyck or the “Atlas” by Gerhard Richter were produced around that time or were begun during this period. In addition to historical works, lines of development were traced into the present-day. She presented a critical review of the past fifty years, and simultaneously a prognosis of the future for which David saw no traditional precedent on how we should proceed. To describe her approach , the artistic director coined the term “retroperspective”, which also was used in her exhibition design. David’s mission was to place dX in relation to its predecessors, but also in the “tradition of innovation” that was the starting point of every documenta.

A further theoretical concept underlying dX was the consideration that aesthetic production should also incorporate its political environment in the broadest sense of the word. David wanted to enable people to “recognize the state of the world” in varying ways, a desire which prompted her to define dX as a “manifestation culturelle.” Certain key political dates for wide-reaching social and cultural upheavals, such as 1945, 1968 or 1976/77, became chronological markers, along which art’s political, social, cultural and aesthetic exploratory functions were traced.

It was likewise part of David’s concept to expand the exhibition’s traditional spectrum, and go beyond the mere presentation and displaying of works of art. Accordingly, the discussion forum „100 days – 100 guests“ became an integral part of dX. It afforded a platform for presentations and discussions by artists, scholars, scientists, authors and architects on questions pertaining to art and society – ranging from topics such as the efficacy of cultural policies uder the conditions of a world market to questions on the foundations of democracy. Speakers invited included the artistic director of the coming documenta, Okwui Enwezor.

Artistic Director: Catherine David 1997

Vito Acconci
Robert Adams
Chantal Akerman
Pawel Althammer
Art & Language
Joachim Blank
Marcel Broodthaers
Chris Burden
Charles Burnett
Jean-Marc Bustamante
Mark Catteau
Stephen Craig
Richard Dindo
Stan Douglas
Marcel Duchamp
Ed van der Elsken
Walker Evans
Haroun Farocki
Dan Friedman
Jean Luc Godard
Dan Graham
Jordon Grandall
Ulrike Gosshart
Hans Haacke
Raymond Hains
Nigel Henderson
Jörg Herold
Christine Hill
Susan Hiller
Thomas Hirschhorn
Carsten Höller
Christine & Irene Hohenbüchler
Felix S. Huber
Internationale Stadt Berlin
Karl-Heinz Jeron
Jon Jost
On Kawara
Mike Kelley
William Kendridge
Martin Kippenberger
William Klein
Rem Koolhas
Suzanne Lafont
Maria Lassnig
Antonia Lerch
Helen Levitt
Daniel Libeskind
Brice Marden
Chris Marker
Gordon Matta-Clark
Laura Maria May
Yana Milev
Reinhard Mucha
Christian Philipp Müller
Bruce Nauman
Olav Nicolai
Carsten Nicolai
Helio Oiticica
Gabriel Orozco
Tony Oursler
Blinky Palermo
Raoul Peck
Michelangelo Pistoletto
Larrie Pittman
Philip Pocock
Gerhard Richter
Adberrahmane Sissako
Thomas Schütte
Alison & Peter Smithson
Robert Smithson
Aleksndr Sokurov
Nancy Spero
Erik Steinbrecher
Jean-Marie Straub
Rosemarie Trockel
Ralph Ueltzhoeffer
Ben Vautier
Martin Walde
Jeff Wall
Harry Walter
Lois Weinberger
Garry Winogrand
Andrea Zittel
Heimo Zobernig

Website: http://www.documenta.de


22 Projects at MoMA

Bücher Online: Projects at MoMA Announced Exhibitions: 22 Projects at MoMA, Information Gallery-Museum: MoMA-PS1, Location/City: New York. Exhibition Opening/Closed: 05.08. – 22.09.. Artreviews: MoMA-PS1, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, New York | Biographyimages (textportrait): 22 Projects at MoMA, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer. Entries (Exhibition): MoMA-PS1; New York; 22 Projects at MoMA. Artist Informations: 22 Projects at MoMA, Bücher Online: Projects at MoMA. Exhibition Sciences
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Open-Closed Art/Artist: Ueltzhoeffer, Gallery/Museum: Deutscher Bundestag, Location/City: Berlin. Exhibition Opening/Closed: 12.04 – 16.04. Artreviews: Deutscher Bundestag, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, Berlin | Biographyimages (textportrait): Ueltzhoeffer, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer. Entries (Exhibition): Deutscher Bundestag; Berlin; Ueltzhoeffer. Artist Informations: Ueltzhoeffer, Open-Closed.
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Artbooks: Web 2.0 – Art and Internet


From a few pushcarts in the lobby of the P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, the ARTBOOK @ MoMA PS1 bookstore has grown to become the most vibrant source for cutting-edge contemporary art books on the East Coast, a treasure trove of books, DVDs and CDs rarely found elsewhere and a destination for lovers of contemporary culture. Marion Seifert – Title: Web 2.0 Art and Internet, about conceptual artist Ralph Ueltzhoeffer (MoMA Projects Series) ISBN 978-3-00-036999-5 – Amazon Ralph Ueltzhoeffer also in the ARTBOOK @ MoMA PS1 bookstore.

John Baldessari – Exhibition

Pure Beauty Announced Exhibitions: John Baldessari, Information Gallery-Museum: Metropolitan Museum of Art, Location/City: New York. Exhibition Opening/Closed: 20.10.10 – 09.01.11. Artreviews: Metropolitan Museum of Art, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, New York | Biographyimages (textportrait): John Baldessari, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer – Amazon. Entries (Exhibition): Metropolitan Museum of Art; New York; John Baldessari. Artist Informations: John Baldessari, Pure Beauty.
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Ralph Ueltzhoeffer – Biography


Biographyportrait by Ralph Ueltzhoeffer

Ralph Ueltzhoeffer *1966 Mannheim-Neckarau, (Germany). Akademie der Bildenden Künste Karlsruhe, by Horst Antes and Ernst Caramelle (1998-2001). Biographyportraits, Internet Web-Performances. Exhibitions/Ausstellungen (Installation):

2013 No more Artexhibitions…

2012 Lumen Leeds – The Aesthetica Short Film Festival, Art Basel, 303 Gallery – Textportraits,

2011 Willy Brandt Museum, Unkel – Willy Brandt Forum, Berlin. Museum Leipzig „Schrift und Typografie in der zeitgenössischen Kunst“. Meran-Lana (Südtirol/Italien): „Freiluftgalerie am Gries“ – Titel: „Persönlichkeiten“. MoMA Projects Series „Project Textportrait – The Phishing Project“.

2010 Kunstverein Landau: Science Art – John Fischer, Tjark Ihmels, Stefan Kindel, Nam June Paik, Eugen Roth, Volkhard Stürzbecher, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, Nikolai Vialkowitsch, Bill Viola (Villa Streccius). NAI Arte Contemporanea, Davide Bramante, Angelo Filomeno, Jason Martin, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer – 15 April 30 Mai 2010, Napoli, Italy – Art Karlsruhe 2010, One-man-Show, Asperger Gallery, Berlin. (4. bis 7. März 2010). Kinetica 2010 Artfair, London, Lightart in shopping windows – NAI Arte Contemporanea, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer – 24 Oct 20 Dec 2009, Napoli, Italy – Title: „Identity“, Textportraits – Photography.

2009 „This item“ – Photography Exhibition: Peter Hujar, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, Laura Maria May… Marietta Neuss, London. GLOW: Forum of Light in Art and Architecture, Nov. 6 – Nov. 15 Eindhoven, NL. Installation „MISSING“ – Digitalprint on canvans. Prada New York, Textportrait – „Missing“, Laura May / Ralph Ueltzhoeffer. „Prada New York“ – Digitalprint on canvans. Editionsgallery Lumas, New York, Stuttgart, München, Frankfurt.

2008 Marietta Neuss London, Ausstellung (Slides) Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, Laura May. „Marietta Neuss London“ Slides & Videos. ING – L´Espace culturel, Mont des Arts / Kunstberg: „WEBIDENTITY“ – Martin Hueys, Edvard DeMonte, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer. Marietta Neuss London, Textportrait – „Anonymity“ Ralph Ueltzhoeffer / Laura May. „Waterloo Rd London“ Digitalprint on canvans. Chelsea Artgalleries Tomwell, New York – Textportrait – „Missing“ Ralph Ueltzhoeffer / Laura May. Digital – Netzprint. Ground Zero New York, Textportrait – „Missing“, Laura May / Ralph Ueltzhoeffer. Digitalprint auf Netzplane. Cafe Europe New York, Textportrait – „Missing“, Laura May / Ralph Ueltzhoeffer.

2007 2B Galeria, Budapest, Groupexhibition: „We are what we are“ – Textimages: Gino De Dominicis, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer… Asperger Gallery Pforzheim, Textportraits u.A. Xavier Naidoo, David Beckham. Weishaupt Contemporary, Montreux (CH) Titel: „Anonymity“ – Textportraits, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer / Laura May. Raststätte St. Gotthard, CH – „Anonymity“, Textportrait Mediaschaltung / Netzplane. Ralph Ueltzhoeffer / Laura May. Stiftelsen 3,14 Bergen, Hordaland International Art Gallery, Titel: „WHO IS“ – Textportraitproject „Anonymity“ (Groupexhibition). Stadt Mannheim, „Textportraits“ -Grossflächen-Mediaschaltung (Textportrait Xavier Naidoo).

2006 Montreux, Casino – CH – Lichtprojektion, Hologramme, Textportraits. (Rauminstallation) Galerie Marietta Neuss, Berlin – Textportraits: Xavier Naidoo, David Beckham u.A.

2005 Stadt Braunschweig, Grossflächen-Plakate, „Gesichter dieser Stadt“ – Textportraits. Cabinet Gallery, London „Holography“ – Lightarchitecture for Virtual-Operating-Room. Hologram – Installation. Galerie Lelong, Zürich – „NORWAY“ – Titel: „Private Room“ (Installation, Farbfotografien).

2004 Manchester Arts Center – „David Beckham“, Textportrait installation (Digital – Netzprint). AKV Hannover, RAUM 949 – „BEING PUBLIC, BEING PRIVATE“ (Videoinstallation). Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh – Titel: „Portrait of a soccer legend“ – Textportrait David Beckham. Ann Anderson Projects – Art Center, Stockholm SE – Textportrait „Manchester“, David Beckham, Titel: „panem et circenses“ u.A. Galerie Weishaupt -Contemporary, Titel: „Roomdetecting“ Translocation – Hologramm – Projektion. Stadt Mannheim, Grossflächen-Plakate, „Gesichter einer Stadt“ – Textportraits.

2003 Biennale Venedig, Ausstellungsthema „Clandestine“, kuratiert von Francesco Bonami, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, Galerie Weishaupt, Montreux CH – 2003 (SW Fotografien) / Textportraits.

2001 Orgelfabrik Karlsruhe-Durlach 2001 (Geschichte von der hungernden Biene) / Rauminstallation. Jens Rühl, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer.

2000 Ausstellungshalle 1a, Frankfurt: Titel: „Gesellschaftsspiel“ – Klasse Ernst Caramelle – Kunstakademie Karlsruhe.

1999 Asperger Gallery, Berlin – 1999 Fotografie und Malerei.

1998 Multimedia-Ausstellung „Elvira bitte melde mich“ in Karlsruhe.

1997 Kunstraum Germersheim „Suche“ mit Birgit Finger, Bernd Rubriem; Marion Schrein, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer. ORM Kulturlokal Rhein-Neckar – Grafische Aspekte im Lebensraum Mannheim-Neckarau (Fotografien).

1995 San Diego „Photography in black and white“ (Krupp-Foto X 94).

Biography Ralph Ueltzhoeffer at Wikipedia.
Art Projects Ralph Ueltzhoeffer at Textportrait (Projects).

Ernst Caramelle – Biography

Ernst Caramelle *1952 Hall / Tirol (Austria). Akademie der Bildenden Künste Karlsruhe (Professur). Skulptur. Projekte Münster, documenta 9, Kassel, Portikus, Frankfurt, Kunsthaus Zürich, Zürich; Museum für angewandte Kunst, Wien; Palais des Beaux-Arts, Brüssel; Sammlung Essl, Klosterneuburg, Forum Austriaco di Cultura a Roma, Rom; Steirischer Herbst – Galerie & Edition Artelier, Graz; Kunsthalle Wien, Wien; Galerie Grita Insam, Wien; Galerie nächst Sankt Stephan, Wien, Galerie im Traklhaus, Salzburg; Galerie nächst Sankt Stephan, Wien; Galerie Goldener Engl, Hall / Tirol, Zeitkunst Galerie Kitzbühel, Kitzbühel; Generali Foundation, Wien, BAWAG Foundation, Wien; Galerie im Traklhaus, Salzburg; Galerie Cora Hölzl, Düsseldorf, Galerie im Taxispalais, Innsbruck; Kunst Meran, Meran; Galerie Hubert Winter, Wien, Galerie im Traklhaus, Salzburg; Neue Galerie, Graz, Neue Galerie, Graz; Tiroler Landesmuseum Ferdinandeum, Innsbruck. Artcollection: BAWAG Foundation, Wien, Espace de l´Art Concret, Mouans-Sartoux, Fotomuseum Winterthur, Generali Foundation, Wien, kunstwegen Nordhorn, museum in progress, Wien, Neue Galerie, Graz. Galleries/Galerien: Artelier, Graz, Gallery Christine Burgin, New York, Galerie Friedrich, Basel, Galerie Cora Hölzl, Düsseldorf, Galerie Susanna Kulli, Zürich, Mary Mary Glasgow, Galerie Anton Meier, Genf, Galerie nächst St. Stephan, Wien, Galerie Nelson, Paris, Barbara Wien, Berlin, Tracy Williams, New York. Ausstellungsverzeichnis Ernst Caramelle: 04.02.10–15.05.10, SOLACE Austrian Cultural Forum, New York, 04.12.09–14.03.10, GAGARIN the Artists in their Own Words–The first Decade SMAK Gent, 16.08.08–13.09.08, NO LEFTOVERS Kunsthalle Bern, 03.06.08–08.06.08, Team 404 & John Armleder: Clinch/Cross/Cut NEW JERSEYY Basel, 11.04.08–17.05.08, Ernst Caramelle Mary Mary Glasgow, 17.02.08–30.03.08, Ernst Caramelle Galerie im Taxispalais, Innsbruck, 14.12.07–25.05.08, RÜCKBLENDE Neue Galerie, Graz, 12.12.07–22.12.07, Beziehungsweise Galerie Hubert Winter, Wien, 09.09.07–14.10.07, Small is beautiful Ursula Blickle Stiftung, Kraichtal, 08.07.07–27.01.08, Als wäre nichts gesagt Museen Haus Lange–Haus Esters, Krefeld, 15.06.07–14.07.07, Andreas Stalzer–20 Jahre Werkstatt für Kunstsiebdruck NÖ DOK für moderne Kunst, St. Pölten, 06.03.07–30.03.07, touch-down 2 Galerie Friedrich, Basel, 21.02.07–03.05.07, FOR A SPECIAL PLACE Austrian Cultural Forum, New York, 20.01.07–17.02.07, design by accident croy nielsen Berlin, 24.11.06–11.01.07, RISS/LÜCKE/SCHARNIER A Galerie nächst St. Stephan, Wien, 11.11.06–15.04.07, ANOS 80: UMA TOPOLOGIA Museu Serralves, Porto, 11.10.06–14.01.07, Ernst Caramelle Ferdinandeum, Innsbruck, 08.06.06–25.06.06, Andreas Stalzer–20 Jahre Werkstatt und Edition Galerie Wolfgang Exner, Wien, 18.02.06–01.04.06, Ernst Caramelle Galerie nächst St. Stephan, Wien, 18.01.06–26.02.06, Ernst Caramelle / Rosa Barba Badischer Kunstverein, Karlsruhe, 28.10.05–09.12.05, Occupying Space Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, 23.07.05–09.10.05, Ernst Caramelle Museu Serralves, Porto, 08.07.05–28.08.05, Occupying Space Witte de With, Rotterdam, 08.07.05–28.08.05, Occupying Space Nederlands Fotomuseum, Rotterdam, 08.07.05–28.08.05, Occupying Space TENT Rotterdam, 09.03.05–16.05.05, Occupying Space Haus der Kunst, München, 14.05.04–29.08.04, SUPPORT 2–Die Neue Galerie als Sammlung Neue Galerie, Graz, 21.09.03–18.01.04, SUPPORT 1–Die Neue Galerie als Sammlung Neue Galerie, Graz, 10.01.03–15.02.03, 30 Jahre Galerie im Traklhaus I Galerie im Traklhaus, Salzburg, 14.11.02–09.03.03, Schöne Aussicht kunst Meran, 05.06.02–11.08.02, Variable Stücke Galerie im Taxispalais, Innsbruck, 11.01.02–02.02.02, Privat Space Galerie Hubert Winter, Wien, 12.05.00–06.08.00, Re-Play Generali Foundation, Wien, 22.09.99–31.10.99, Der Künstler als Kurator Galerie nächst St. Stephan, Wien, 25.07.99–24.10.99, Originale echt/falsch Neues Museum Weserburg, Bremen, 25.09.98–20.10.98, Des Eisbergs Spitze Kunsthalle Wien, 20.11.93–09.01.94, Ernst Caramelle Portikus, Frankfurt, 13.06.92–20.09.92, documenta 9 documenta, Kassel, 07.09.91–20.10.91, Bremer Kunstpreis 1991 Kunsthalle Bremen, 11.12.80–17.01.81, Künstlerfotografie, Österreich 1954-1980 Galerie nächst St. Stephan, Wien. More Digital Art, Video, Photography and Webprojects: Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, Ernst Caramelle (Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Karlsruhe). Ernst Caramelle Portrait – Textportrait by Ralph Ueltzhoeffer 2010.