Jan Fabre 1976 Announced Exhibits in Antwerpen

Stigmata, Actions and Performances 1976-2013 Announced Exhibitions: Jan Fabre 1976, Information Gallery-Museum: Museum of Contemporary Art, Location/City: Antwerpen. Exhibition Opening/Closed: April 24-July 26, 2015. Artreviews by Vera Hinte, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer – Biographyimages (textportrait): Entries (Exhibition): Museum of Contemporary Art; Antwerpen; Jan Fabre 1976.
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Ernan Zierkowalsky Announced Exhibits in New York

Art in Photography-Sex Announced Exhibitions: Ernan Zierkowalsky, Information Gallery-Museum: Modern Wax 404 Gallery, Location/City: New York. Exhibition Opening/Closed: 11.06.15 – 28.07.15. Artreviews by Margot Meyer, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer – Biographyimages (textportrait): Entries (Exhibition): Modern Wax 404 Gallery; New York; Ernan Zierkowalsky.
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DONALD URQUHART Announced Exhibits in London, E2 6JT

1978 Artwork Announced Exhibitions: DONALD URQUHART, Information Gallery-Museum: Maureen Paley Gallery, Location/City: London, E2 6JT. Exhibition Opening/Closed: 12. Juli – 9. Juni 2015. Artreviews by Owen Fischer, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer – Biographyimages (textportrait): Entries (Exhibition): Maureen Paley Gallery; London, E2 6JT; DONALD URQUHART.
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Maliva Richter Announced Exhibits in Baden-Baden

Sex and Porno Impressions Announced Exhibitions: Maliva Richter, Information Gallery-Museum: Kunsthalle, Location/City: Baden-Baden. Exhibition Opening/Closed: 09.06.15 – 28.10.15. Artreviews by Sigrun Freund, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer – Biographyimages (textportrait): Entries (Exhibition): Kunsthalle; Baden-Baden; Maliva Richter.
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Maren Hunsley Announced Exhibits in London

Iron Man on Exile Street Announced Exhibitions: Maren Hunsley, Information Gallery-Museum: New Wax Gallery, Location/City: London. Exhibition Opening/Closed: 12.06.15 – 22.07.15. Artreviews by Margot Meyer, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer – Biographyimages (textportrait): Entries (Exhibition): New Wax Gallery; London; Maren Hunsley.
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Marten Ziernkowsky Announced Exhibits in Düsseldorf

Unsagbar schön und bunt Announced Exhibitions: Marten Ziernkowsky, Information Gallery-Museum: Mayfield Gallery, Location/City: Düsseldorf. Exhibition Opening/Closed: 20.05.15 – 17.06.15. Artreviews by Henry Kahlmann, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer – Biographyimages (textportrait): Entries (Exhibition): Mayfield Gallery; Düsseldorf; Marten Ziernkowsky.
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Olafur Eliasson Announced Exhibits in Neuss

Werke aus der Sammlung Boros Announced Exhibitions: Olafur Eliasson, Information Gallery-Museum: Langen Foundation, Location/City: Neuss. Exhibition Opening/Closed: 18.04.2015 – 18.10.2015. Artreviews by Ken Beikain, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer – Biographyimages (textportrait): Entries (Exhibition): Langen Foundation; Neuss; Olafur Eliasson.
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Cildo Meireles Announced Exhibits in New York

Tammrion selective II Announced Exhibitions: Cildo Meireles, Information Gallery-Museum: Galerie Lelong NY, Location/City: New York. Exhibition Opening/Closed: 15.05.15 – 27.06.15. Artreviews by Frank Roth, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer – Biographyimages (textportrait): Entries (Exhibition): Galerie Lelong NY; New York; Cildo Meireles.
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